Our Mission


Keep America Great is a growing movement to support honest discussions about important issues. Public discourse in our country is at an all time low. We can’t even respectfully disagree with our fellow human anymore. What happened to vigorously debating all sides of an issue? How did we get to this place of oversensitivity and competitive outrage? It sees that we are more concerned with political correctness than finding the truth. America is a playground of ideas, and we have to let even the bad ideas out to stretch their legs so the cool ideas can prove their worthiness.

Let the best ideas win, we say!

Have disagreements with your fellow human. Speak in facts. Employ informed data and science. And remember, be respectful and honorable. We hope that our thought-provoking apparel will help you do so, but there is no need to buy anything. Just help us spread the word. Tweet with us. Share on Instagram. We must elevate the level of discourse in our country because the world is watching, and copying...

Join the movement and help us Keep America Great! TM   

-Just a Few Regular Americans



Our Non-Profit Activities:

Coming from military families we believe that we owe everything to our veterans who sacrificed so much for our way of life. In this vein, we have donated every year to the Fisher House Foundation, one of the most respected non-profit groups dedicated to helping veterans and military families who need assistance. The Fisher House program provides “a home away from home" for families of patients receiving medical care at major military and VA medical centers. The homes provide temporary free lodging, so families can be close to their loved ones during a medical crisis. Learn more at www.fisherhouse.org. America wouldn't be possible without our military veterans and we owe it to them to give back.   


We welcome your thoughts and ideas for new products at support@keepamericagreat.com.